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Jennifer’s interest in yoga started several years ago.  She began taking classes at different studios and decided to complete her 200-hr Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Always-At-Aum in 2016. She also completed a hot yoga certification with Yoganomics simultaneously. She is the Creator and Owner of Pop Up Prana Yoga, a social yoga experience taught in a variety of spaces and places across Long Island. In addition, she also teaches in multiple settings such as yoga studios, outpatient physical therapy offices, holistic centers and gyms and co-created Zenscape Yoga & Arts Festival August 2018 in Calverton, New York. She has experience teaching private and small group lessons to class sizes up to and above one hundred fifty students.  Her passion for yoga has given her the flexibility to adapt different training styles and techniques for a variety of skill levels so that others may enjoy the benefits of the practice.  She believes yoga is a disciplined journey to train the body, sharpen the mind, and connect the spirit to both inner and outer worlds.  JB also maintains interest in philosophy, sociology and psychology, graduating with a bachelors degree in Sociology and a masters degree in Public Policy.


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Yoga Proverb
Think positive thoughts for thoughts become things. 
Choose your words wisely. Use words that will build, not break.
Use words that will empower, not destroy.
Seek the love and light that surrounds you.
Seek the love and light that dwells within you.

Special thank you to the teacher that inspired my practice, Rita-Marie Krepela

Namaste, JB

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