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Free Virtual Yoga

We are here for you. As a thank you for your continued support, we have crafted a number of remote resources we plan on sharing with you in the upcoming days. To begin our electronic care package, we have developed a quick 7 minute Healing Guided Meditation on our new YouTube Channel. We also plan on offering remote yoga classes, which will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook Page. We also aim to record and post them on our new YouTube channel. Please subscribe and share with those you feel will offer help and guidance along their journey of relaxation and enlightenment. To make our virtual debut as simple as possible, you will find our new video and future remote yoga sessions on our website. We look forward to seeing you very, very soon! 

Our only ask is that you contribute by donation. Our suggested donation starts at $5. Any form of contribution is welcome, whether it is monetary or by service, such as spreading the word. Remember that contributions are not exclusive to Pop Up Prana Yoga but any yoga organization. Please especially contribute to yoga instructors that need our support during this tumultuous time. We are thankful for any contribution you would like to offer.

Donations accepted via:


venmo @Jennifer-Eagen


PayPal.Me/JenniferEagen (or) 

PayPal email:

Free Guided Healing Meditations & Yoga Sessions

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